Q: What do I need to bring in order to get fit for shoes?

A: You don’t HAVE to bring anything but your feet! However, we’d love to see your most recent pair of athletic shoes to examine their tread wear. Doing so helps us assess whether you need a similar model of shoe, or something entirely different. You’re also encouraged to bring your own socks for fitting, though we have try-on socks available.

Q: How do I know if I’m in the right size?

A: Your shoes should fit comfortably and a little snug, but not so tight that your toes press against the front of the shoe or your foot is spilling over the sides. The ball of your foot should fit in the widest part of the shoe–this is of paramount importance. Additionally, there should be half to three-quarters’ of a thumb’s width of room in the toe.

Q: Will switching shoe brands affect me?

A: If at all, the effects will only be short term. We don’t recommend that you immediately race in a new pair of shoes, unless you enjoy blistering. Each brand will differ from the next based on width, snugness, and heel-to-forefoot height, so you should give your feet time to adjust with some easy runs before putting yourself through a race.

Q: I only plan on walking. Do I need to be in running shoes?

A: While we do carry a few lines of walking shoes, walkers will find that running shoes are far more comfortable. Podiatrists send us their walking patients because the heel sits higher in running shoes, thus relieving tension off the Achilles tendon and calves. Additionally, running shoes have maximum cushioning and great longevity.

Q: Can you help me with foot problems like plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuroma or bunions?

A: All of our staff are experienced in assisting customers who deal with every foot pain imaginable. In addition to recommending the right shoes, we can assess the need for insoles, wraps, or accessories like the Strassburg Sock (which alleviates plantar fasciitis). We also have plenty of exercises and home remedies we can recommend because most of us have been there and rehabbed ourselves at one point or another.

Q: Do you carry kids’ shoes?

A: YES! We carry several models of kids’ shoes, ranging from Size 1 to 7. Inventory varies, but we’ve got a great selection for your young ones.

Q: Do these shoes make me look fat?

A: On the contrary, they accentuate the shapeliness of your calves, and those colors bring out the gorgeous in your eyes. Seriously, are you single? What’s your sign? Do you have a Band-Aid?—Because I skinned my knee when I fell for you. {wink}

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