Fit Process

Fast Break Athletics is Chattanooga’s premier running store, featuring road and trail shoes from reliable brands like Nike, Asics, Saucony, New Balance, Brooks, K-Swiss and newcomer Inov-8.  Our employees specialize in the Fit Process: assessing a customer’s arch, gait, and foot size in order to select the perfect running shoe.

Runners typically fall into one of three main categories with regard to pronation range: neutral, overpronation, or supination (a.k.a. underpronation). The neutral runner will pronate normally from heel to toe with the right amount of pronation. An overpronator will roll too far inward at the ankles, beyond neutral. A supinator is just the opposite, with weight shifting more toward the outside of the foot.

The wrong shoes can cause significant levels of discomfort or injury, and exacerbate any existing skeletal or muscular issues. Running shoes come in three types:

1) Neutral Cushioning—These shoes are designed for neutral and supinating runners. They’re generally fit for individuals with medium to high arches who are prone to problems like shin splints and ankle sprains.

2) Structured Stability—Runners with a normal to low arch tend to overpronate, so they require stability along the medial (inside) area of the shoe to guide their feet back to neutral.

3) Maximum Support—Flat feet can severely overpronate, creating the potential for numerous biomechanical issues (ankle/knee/hip pain, heel spurs, etc.). Such runners need a very stable platform with ample stability and cushioning.

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