Join us for our weekly group runs and events! All speeds and levels are welcome, don't be shy! Come run with us.

Sunday Runday

Long Group Run. Meet at 7am at the shop! This run varies from 7-16 miles depending on Alan's mood.

Monday TRACK Attack

Speed workout on the track. Meet at the store at 6:30pm, and we will jog over to GPS track. Joey will give you a grueling workout. Warning: you will sweat. Lots.

Tuesday YOGA for runners

Join us for yoga, specifically for runners to recover and build core and leg strength. Bring your own mat. Free for first timers, after that just $5 per session. Starts at 6:15pm

Tuesday Exploration group run

Group run with a mix of trail and road. Get ready for an adventure with Eric. Warning, he puts the "distance" in "distance running." Meets Tuesday at 6:00pm.

Thursday Ladies Night

Join us Thursday’s at 6pm for a Ladies only group run lead by Kathryn. Perfect for both the beginning runner or the Lady who likes to go longer mid-week.  3 and 6 mile options. If you're lucky, there might be refreshments after the run!