So, you’re “not a runner…”

We hear the words “I’m not a runner” about 100 times a day here at Fast Break, so if you are hesitant to come see us, you have nothing to fear! Whether you are someone that works long hours on your feet, a mom chasing her kids around, or whatever you may do, properly fitted shoes are key!

Your feet are the base of your body. If you feet hurt, the rest of your body suffers. No matter if you are a pro marathon runner, walker, or an employee that stands all day, your feet need a solid foundation that supports the rest of your body, i.e. shoes! 

When you come to Fast Break to be fitted, here’s what to expect:

webfit process.jpg

1. Let's Talk

First, we want to learn what you will be doing in your shoes: walking, road running, trail running, standing at work, kicking around town, chasing your grandkids? Next we’ll ask about any past injuries, inflammations or irritations.

All of this will help us determine the correct category and style of shoe for your feet.

webfit process-3.jpg

2. Gait Analysis

Backed with your personal foot story, we will analyze your walking gait. The shape of your feet, how you walk, what your ankle does when you squat- all of this tells us a lot about how your feet perform on a daily basis and what type of shoe you might need: stability shoe or neutral shoe.

webfit process-2.jpg

3. Measure

The most important factor: the size. We use a Brannock device to measure the length of the ball arch, the toe length, and the foot’s width. Don't be alarmed if we recommend a shoe size that is larger than what you normally wear. Athletic shoes are cut small, plus it’s important to have plenty of toe room to account for your feet expanding and moving around during exercise.

webfit process-4.jpg

4. Try!

Once the size and category is determined, we will bring 3-4 different brands of shoes for you to try on. We will bring the brands that best match your foot shape.

No one brand is better or worse than the other brands. All brands are shaped a little differently, so they fit everyone’s feet differently. If your friend or co-worker recommends a particular brand, that does not mean it is the best choice for you, since your feet are probably totally different.

Try on the shoes and feel free to take them for a spin on our treadmill!

webfit process-5.jpg

5. Fit

Once the shoes are on your feet we will make sure they are a proper fit for your foot. We will check where the ball arch lines up in the shoe and make sure there is enough space to keep your feet happy!

Go with the shoe you notice the least on your foot, it will be the one that feels the most natural on your foot! Make sure there is nothing to tight or rubbing as this might cause issues down the road. Try one shoe brand on each foot if you need to compare. Choose the one that feels the best!

Enjoy your new kicks!