Welcome to the Fabulous Fantastical Fast Break Blog!

Our mission at Fast Break Athletics is to help you get fit for shoes, fit for life, and fit enough to run or walk or leap through your next goal! But shoes can only go so far. Experience and training are extremely valuable, and community is key when you need motivation to get out of bed and get on your feet. 

So we offer you (drum roll please...)............. the fabulous fantastical fast approaching FAST BREAK BLOG! 

We want to go beyond the store and straight to your desktop, laptop, or cell phone to bring you helpful news, drills, pro-tips, pictures, videos, and all other running info that you could possibly dream of. Our aim is to make this blog an interesting, fun, local-Chattanoogan source for you to learn everything from yoga stretches for runners to pictures from the last race to how to tie your shoes with your eyes closed. We are here for YOU! 

No one likes their email to blow up with tons of announcements and advertising Facebook posts from on every scroll is just plain annoying. So we are limiting our posts to 2x a month (except for this month; we are a little excited and may post 3x. Forgive us.). 

If you have a question or want to suggest a topic for an upcoming post, contact us (via this website, Facebook, email, or carrier pigeon)! We will research enough to give you a well-rounded answer! So. BRING. IT. ON!!!!