Hours and Directions

Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday -  10am - 5pm
Sunday -  12pm - 5pm

300 Cherokee Blvd
Suite 105
Chattanooga, TN 37405

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Meet the Team

Alan Outlaw

If 80's music is playing (really any kind of music), you'll find this guy busting out an air guitar solo. Even if you don't need shoes, you should still stop by the shop to witness this.

Kiersten Boyd

Sweet and gentle, but also fierce and strong! She is a trail running beast and momma of little Larson and Marianne.

Michael Green

Michael enjoys cold Corona, spoiling his favorite dog Pepper, and running in his Nike Vaporfly shoes. He coached the Cross Country team at Dalton High for 20 year, but has now traded that in for birdwatching.

Joey Howe

Joey has been with Fast Break Athletics since 1980, when it was formerly Athletic Attic. Here he is holding an original pair of Altras!

Dick Dillard

Dick Dillard: Chattanooga legend. He was the original owner back in the day when Fast Break was still Athletic Attic. He can still be found at Fast Break several days a month fitting and greeting his loyal, and new customers alike.

Mike Walker

He brings the fire. Watch out. No seriously, he will bring out the fire when you come to be fitted for shoes.

Taylor Sawyer

Currently a UTC track and field 800m runner, but hopes to race long triathlons in the future! She is our resident chalkboard artist and makes everything pretty!

Eric Ashley Loffland

Eric is the definition of a lean, mean, running machine. Beware, sometimes this guy runs 100 miles at a time.

Diane Denham

Diane has been an irreplaceable member of the Fast Break squad for 8 years. When she's not working at Fast Break, you'll find her volunteering at various organizations in the community, or snuggled up with her dog, Winnie.

Kerrianne Ruhling 

Kerrianne is most at home outdoors. Whether that be climbing, hiking, or trail running, she is always ready for that epic adventure!

Emery Zarider

He only eats carrots and drinks coffee. You can usually catch him on the trails in his Saucony Kinvaras.

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