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New Balance Vongo V6 and 1080v13: Which is best for you?

The new 1080 and Vongo from New Balance are here!

The 1080 V13 and the Vongo V6 look very similar, but have their distinct differences to support different foot structures. [Our resident “manual” Joey Howe talks about them in this video!]

Just a quick overview of their differences...

  • The 1080v13 is generally best for the structured foot that needs extra rotation.
  • The Vongo V6 is generally best for the unstructured foot that tends to over rotate.

What’s new for both of these releases?

2mm lower drop for an overall better, more fluid ride, as well as the new Fresh Foam X—the most superior cushioning we’ve seen in these shoes yet!

Now… which is best for you?

Considering the distinct features of the New Balance Vongo V6 and the 1080v13, the choice between the two ultimately hinges on your specific running needs and preferences. Whether it's the stability and support of the Vongo V6 or the versatility of the 1080v13, both models cater to different running styles. To determine which is best for you, we always recommend talking to a shoe-fit expert like our team members at Fast Break to assess your stride, gait, and the type of support you require.

Know what you're looking for?

You can shop online at Fast Break Athletics today to get your New Balance shoes shipped right to you!

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