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Track Nights

TRAIN FOR YOUR NEXT BIG MEET! Track Nights is a training program for folks interested in getting more out of running, with an opportunity to receive professional guidance on proper warm-up, mobility, strength and workouts. Learn more here and sign up TODAY!


Chattanooga Chase

Be sure to visit the Chase website to check out photos and other information from this year's race!

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Keep on Runnin'...

The Running Dude embodies the roots of why we started running in the first place.



Shoes are one of the most essential things we purchase in life, so that's why we believe everyone who comes into our store deserves one-on-one support and attention.


We take time to watch you walk or run to identify your foot's unique shape and structure. We also pay special attention to identifying the ideal size for you (often a size different from what we may think!).


We ask you about your own experience when it comes to running and walking, what your goals are, where you find challenges from a shoe perspective.


After watching and listening, we provide expert-backed shoe recommendations to you but by no means pressure you into ever buying a pair.


New location with plenty of parking!

Our new brick and mortar is open to you at 802 Hamilton Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37405.

Monday - Friday | 10-6

Saturday | 10-5

Sunday | 12-5


From the Blog

Jun 12, 2023

Where to Run in Chattanooga: When It's Hot Outside

Looking to beat the heat and break a sweat in Chattanooga? When the scorching summer temperatures hit Chattano...

Jun 2, 2023

Where to Run in Chattanooga: On the Riverwalk

The Tennessee Riverwalk is a 16-mile pedestrian and bike path that follows along the TN river from Chickamauga lake through downtown toward Lookout Mountain. From the riverwalk you can branch off into other trail systems and other cool spots, and enjoy great views along the way. And that’s why it’s one of our favorite places to run and walk here in Chattanooga. Here are our favorite spots to check out on the Riverwalk.
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