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Where to run in Chattanooga, Tennessee Riverwalk

Where to Run in Chattanooga: On the Riverwalk

The Tennessee Riverwalk is a 16-mile pedestrian and bike path that follows along the TN river from Chickamauga lake through downtown toward Lookout Mountain. From the riverwalk you can branch off into other trail systems and other cool spots, and enjoy great views along the way. And that’s why it’s one of our favorite places to run and walk here in Chattanooga. You can see a map of the Riverwalk system on Hamilton County Parks & Rec's website here. See below for some of our favorite running routes on the Riverwalk!

Tennessee Riverwalk, running and walking, Curtain Pole Road

#1: Curtain Pole Road to Battery Place

The stretch from Curtain Pole is one of our favorites because it’s flat, fast, and offers constant views of the TN River. Head toward downtown and you’ll even see the Chattanooga Chase 1-mile course. If you’re feeling wild, stop off at the Boathouse to shoot a couple of oysters for a quick break. 


Tennessee Riverwalk, running and walking, Chattanooga

#2: Battery Place to Ross's Landing (Downtown)

Keep running from Curtain Pole and you’ll get to the downtown section. Once you’re by the Tennis Club, expect to climb some hills that are totally worth it and make your way through Battery Place. Not far from here you’ll find some Chattanooga hotspots like the Bluffview Arts District, Hunter Museum, and of course the Walnut Street Pedestrian bridge. You can run just about anywhere downtown from this point, or keep on the Riverwalk toward Ross's Landing.


Chattanooga Tennessee Riverwalk Blue Goose Hollow Trailhead

#3: Blue Goose Hollow to St. Elmo

Only a couple of miles from Ross's Landing is the Blue Goose Hollow trailhead, a must-run spot of the Riverwalk that will take you through the southernmost portion of it. Start at the big colorful statue and make your way south toward St. Elmo, enjoying views of the TN river and Lookout Mountain along the way. If you’re looking for an out-and-back with minimal foot traffic, this is the spot for you.

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