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Road Running Safety Tips

Road Running Safety Tips

September of 2015, Cameron was running after work on Mocassin Bend Road when he was hit by a car. He was running against traffic, wearing high-visibility clothing, and was not wearing headphones. The woman traveled two lanes over and hit Cameron. He died two days later.  

We miss Cameron on a daily basis. Words can’t describe the loss of the friend and son and brother he was to so many people. Our hearts go out to the Bean family.

As a local running store, we feel responsible for the safety of our runners. There are basic precautions every runner, walker, and driver should take to protect himself or herself.

Runners, play it smart.

Assume they don’t see you. Pretend that the driver does not know you exist and are running near them. Go out of your way to make eye contact so drivers will notice you. Wave before running in front of a car or stay put until they pass.

Face traffic. Run on the side of the road where the cars are driving towards you (runner's left side).

Be aware. Stay extra alert when passing parking lot entrances and exits, sharp turns, and the peaks of hills. A driver may not see a small human on foot.

Obey the law. Stop at red lights. Stop at stop signs. When a car is pulling out of a parking lot, stop. Wait till the driver sees you and waves you on. Then wave back because you are a nice person.

Wear visible clothing. Bright clothes during the day. Reflective clothing at night. You want to be seen!

Light up the night. Attach small clip-on lights to your shirt, hat, and even shoes. Wear a headlamp, or at least run with a flashlight. Do what it takes to make it obvious there is a human running on the side of the road.

Unplug. Music is an awesome running companion. We all enjoy the beats, but there are certain places and times we need to take out the headphones: high traffic, the side of a road, any night time, and on trails.

Tell a friend. Let someone know where you are and how long you’ll be gone. Leave them a note, send them a text, or yell across the lawn to your neighbor.

Drivers, we ask you to pay attention.

Respect runners, walkers, and cyclists. They have the same right as you to be on the road. It is both the drivers and the pedestrians responsibility to obey the law and respect each other.

Don’t text and drive. Give at least 3 feet distance when you pass them. That could be your wife/husband/child/father/aunt/cousin. Pass them like you love them.

Be aware. Your vehicle will always win. Don’t try to prove a point, even if you’re frustrated. Your vehicle is not a weapon.

Be patient. It’s not worth a human life.

Feel free to drop by Fast Break if you have any question on safety while running. We love our runners and want to see you enjoying nature and our favorite sport as long as possible.

Be smart, play it safe, and as Cameron always said,

"Just Go For A Run!"

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