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Top 10 Battlefield Marathon Tips!

Top 10 Battlefield Marathon Tips!

The Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon and Half Marathon is one of our favorite races in the Chattanooga area. It has beautiful views, some challenging hills, and the weather is usually perfect! Here are our staff and friend’s top tips for your run through the Chickamauga Battlefield on Saturday:

  1. “Run the first loop conservatively. Stay relaxed because you will have the run the hills on the second time around.” - Michael Green

  2. “Go through the half being able to say I could’ve gone faster!” - Dick Dillard

  3. “Pain will always arrive at some point but know that it is temporary. Welcome it in like your crazy aunt on thanksgiving. She’s family so she’s part of the story, but you know she won’t be there to stay thank God.” - Annette Kutilek

  4. “During the hard times, think about what you are most looking forward to after finishing. Mine was seeing my pup Howard at the finish line, yours might be eating 8 slices of pizza.” - Annette Kutilek

  5. “Reframe success to be giving something your all; not necessarily reaching a certain goal time or whatever. You cannot fail if you give 110%, even if you don’t ‘get that time’ or ‘reach that distance’.” - Annette Kutilek

  6. “The more the merrier, right? Although Prefontaine was a frontrunner, chances are, you’re not. It’s much easier to draft of off your competition and it’s certainly much easier mentally to run with a big group of people. Find the pace group that aligns with your time goal and lock-in.” - Mike Walker

  7. “Always be prepared. Pay attention to the weather forecast for the race. Just in case, bring both warm and cold race clothing options. For cold race clothing options, it’s good to dress in layers so that you can remove unwanted layers as your body warms up during the race.” - Mike Walker

  8. “I would advise eating more than 1.5 gels.” - Laurie Johnson

    ***Take at least one energy gel every 45-60 minutes of exercise!***

  9. “Recovery is important after the race! Don’t jump straight into training for your next race. Make sure you recover properly!” - Carrie Minis

  10. “Listen to your heeeaaaart when it’s calling for you. Listen to your heart, there is nothing else you can dooo.” - Alan Outlaw

Have fun, enjoy the beautiful views, and run your race!

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