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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Check out our gift ideas below and stop in for some deals! Mother's Day is Sunday May 10, 2020

10. Oofos Sandals

Mom wants to free her toes from running shoes without giving up the arch support and cushion. She will love Oofos flip-flops or slides! Comfy cushion plus arch support, it really gets no better after a long day on her feet. 


9. Insulated Water Bottle

These double-wall insulated stainless steal Nathan bottles will keep Mom's water nice and cold for 35 hours, and hot for up to 15! Perfect for those long days out in the sun this summer!

8. Tifosi SWANK Running Sunglasses

You may think your mom is the best mom in the world, but is she the coolest?! She will be if you get her a pair of Tifosi SWANK Running Glasses! They come in all sorts of pretty colors. No slip, no bounce, polarized and scratch resistant lenses.. 



7. Hydration Pack

Mom has been out on the trails lately and now that the weather is heating up, she needs some more water with her! Treat her to a hydration vest so she can stay hydrated and go hands free while running on the trails!

6. Sports Bra, an Actual Good One!

Mom's been buying the cheap sports bra from the giant super store for years, and they keep wearing out fast. Treat her to a quality and well fitted sports bra! We carry a variety of brand options and sizes. 

5. SockWell Socks

Mom has a job that keeps her on her feet all day. These medical grade compression socks will be comfortable all day long, circulating blood flow and all that good stuff! Also they are just pretty cute!

4. Garmin Smartwatch

Mom will love logging her miles in this easy to use running watch! Tracks her mileage, time, heart-rate, and more. It has bluetooth, Garmin pay, notifications, and all of the battery life you need to take it out on a long run.

3. Oiselle Fitness Apparel

Mom will love this stylish and functional fitness apparel that she can wear for a workout or out on the town! Longer Inseams and available in sizes 2-12.

2. Perfectly Fitted Running or Walking Shoes

Has mom ever been fitted for the correct size and type of shoe? Bring her in to Fast Break, we will treat her like the queen she is, measure her feet, listen to her needs, and fit her in the perfect pair of shoes for her! 

1. Fast Break Gear!

Let's be honest this is all your mom really wants for Mother's Day! A Fast Break branded running hat, workout tank, or soft tee will be her favorite gift she receives! 

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