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Best Tips for Running in the Heat

Best Tips for Running in the Heat

Let’s face it—running in the summer heat & humidity isn’t ideal but it doesn’t have to stop you from getting out there and being safe. Here are some tips for running in the heat!

1️⃣ Hydration is key. You want to make sure to prehydrate before getting out there, and while you’re running, try to drink 5-10 oz of water every 20 minutes. We recommend getting some electrolytes in like Nuun tabs too which are super easy to pop in your water bottle before a run.

2️⃣ Pick cooler spots and cooler times of day. Finding places that offer more shade is going to make for a more enjoyable experience. Earlier in the morning without as much direct sun can be more humid but overall several degrees cooler and a generally more comfortable run.

3️⃣ Stretch, warm-ups and cooldowns are super important. Take time to stretch before your runs and really take it easy for the first mile. It’s especially important to gradually increase and decrease your heart rate, blood flow, and body temperature on hotter days for a safer and overall better run.

4️⃣ Speaking of heart rate, try to go off effort rather than pace on your training runs. High heat and humidity can result in your HR being around 10 bpm faster than in lower temps, so don’t get discouraged if you feel more fatigued more easily.

Please keep in mind these are only some starting best tips for running in the heat, and that every body is different including in how it manages heat. If you have questions, be sure to consult a medical professional about how you can exercise safely in higher temperatures.

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