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Upcoming Races in Chattanooga: Fall 2023

Upcoming Races in Chattanooga: Fall 2023

Fall in Chattanooga is packed with so many local races, which is perfect for all of who love running in perfect weather and beautiful scenery {aka everyone!}. Read below for some info on upcoming fall races and where to sign up!

  1. Stump Jump [10.7]

    • Race Types: 50K + 10M
    • Hosted by: Bad Beard Events
    • The Stump Jump is a legendary O.G. Southeast trail race that takes runners through the rugged and beautiful terrain of Signal Mountain. With options for both the 50K and 10-mile distances, this event caters to the toughest of trail runners and those looking for a new challenge.
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  2. 7 Bridges Marathon [10.15]

    • Race Types: Full + Half + 10K + 5K
    • Hosted by: Run Rhino Run
    • 7 Bridges Marathon takes you on a running tour of the city's iconic bridges and with breathtaking views of the Tennessee River.
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  3. Signal Mountain Pie Run [10.21]

    • Race Type: 10K
    • Hosted by: Chattanooga Track Club
    • This 10K race on Signal Mountain is a beloved local tradition. Beautiful course with views from the brow (with a couple of fun hills), and the chance to get a pie at the finish line at Pruett's. What more could you want out of a fall race?
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  4. Urban Nature [11.5]

    • Race Type: 10K
    • Hosted by: Wild Trails
    • The Urban Nature 10K takes you on a run through Chattanooga's urban green spaces. Starts in Coolidge Park, leading you up to Stringers Ridge and back. Given the name, this race is designed to give you an experience that takes you both through the city and on the trail, and to ultimately appreciate the outdoor gem that is Stringers Ridge.
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  5. Battlefield Marathon [11.11]

    • Race Types: Full + Half + 5K
    • Hosted by: Chattanooga Track Club
    • This annual Veterans Day marathon runs through the historic Chickamauga Battlefield, gaining a deeper appreciation for Chattanooga's rich history while challenging yourself in this unique race. The Chickamauga Battlefield is known locally among runners, cyclists, and even equestrians for its scenic beauty and peaceful roads. 
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  6. Turkey Trot [11.23]

  7. Cloudland Canyon [12.2-3]

    • Race Types: 50M + 50K + Half + 5M
    • Hosted by: Run Bum Races
    • End the season on a high note with the Cloudland Canyon trail race. With a variety of distances, this Saturday + Sunday race weekend offers something for the toughest trail runners and those who are looking to sign up for their first ever race. Push your limits and savor the natural beauty of Cloudland Canyon State Park.
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Chattanooga's racing scene in the fall offers something for every type of runner, from challenging ultramarathons to scenic 5Ks, on the road and on the trail. Lace up your shoes and we'll see you out there this fall!

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