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Heel Pain? Top 5 Recommended Products

Heel Pain? Top 5 Recommended Products

Along with helping fitness enthusiasts with gear and proper footwear, another aspect of our business is offering different products that can aid in relieving heel pain! We carry a variety of products to help people recover from injuries, foot issues, and of course, PLANTAR FASCIITIS! We are not doctors, but over our 41 years in the foot business, these are the recommended products that can help.

  1. PowerStep Orthotics

    This semi-flexible arch support orthotic allows your foot to go through its full range of motion while running, walking, or working on your feet. It puts pressure on your arch, relieving forefoot and heal pain. If you are dealing with plantar fasciitis, this may be for you. There are different kinds, so make sure you bring the shoes you need the orthotics to go in with you. We will help you get the right size and type.

  2. Compression Socks

There are 2 types of compression socks, moderate (15-20mmHg) and firm (20-30mmHg). Both of them encourage circulation which improves recovery. They are recommended for travel, jobs that require a lot of standing, and post-workout recovery!

3. Night Sock

This sock keeps your foot stretched all night in the same position. For those with plantar fasciitis, this can help relieve the tight pain you feel each morning when you get out of bed.

4. Oofos Recovery Sandals

These sandals are super cushioned all while providing arch support! After a long day at work or a long run, these sandals provide the comfort and support for your feet. For those with plantar fasciitis, it is recommended that you avoid going barefoot whenever possible.

5. Properly Fitted Shoes

This is the best thing you can get to help make your feet happy! The 2 most common foot issues we see are caused by either shoes that are worn out, or shoes that are too small! Your foot needs enough space to expand and go through its full range of motion. Wearing shoes that are too small won’t just affect your feet, but can lead to other issues throughout your whole body! Come by and get properly fitted. Everyone has different feet, does different activities,  and has different needs. We would love to listen to your needs and get you in the shoe that is best for you!

Please note we are not doctors, or claim to be.  A certain shoe or product is not guaranteed to heal your injury. The recovery process is different for everyone, and healing can take time. We can only make recommendations and try to help you as best we can! If you are having serious issues or pain, we would love to recommend several amazing foot doctors or physical therapists to you!

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